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Team Registration closed for Bridge Day 2023

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The window for new Bridge Day Rappel team registration has closed. Please plan on joining us for Bridge Day 2024 next year!

Team of 14-18
Team of 10-13
Team of 7-9

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Bridge Day is the largest one-day festival in West Virginia! Held on the third Saturday in October, the Fayette County Plateau Chamber of Commerce hosts Bridge Day to commemorate the October 1977 completion of the New River Gorge Bridge. The first official Bridge Day was celebrated in 1980. October 21, 2023 will be the 41st Annual Bridge Day.

Bridge Day is a one-day event where visitors can walk across the bridge, BASE jumpers can parachute off the bridge, and rappellers can descend and ascend fixed ropes. As the world’s third longest steel arch bridge and the third highest bridge in the U.S., this is a one-of-a-kind event in West Virginia. The New River Gorge Bridge has a main span of more than 1,700 ft. and rises 876 ft. above the New River .

At the festival, vendors line both ends of the bridge selling stained glass, crafts, shirts, photos, and refreshments. Bridge Day is West Virginia’s largest one-day festival and is rated one of the top 100 festivals in North America.