Individual Registration – Bottom Passes

Registration through June 30th! | September 1-16 (Last Minute Additions)

Quick Details

Each rappel team must have people at the bottom of the rappel to monitor the rope and know how to bottom belay. The Bottom Pass is not for those people rappelling. Anyone at the bottom (i.e., beneath the Bridge near the ropes) on Bridge Day not rappelling must have a Bottom Pass. You must be a member of a team. The teams registered for the 2018 Bridge Day Rappel are listed in NEWS. Bottom pass individuals need to complete an online application April 16 through June 30. Late registration will be September 1-16.

Bridge Day Passes

On the third Saturday in October, the Fayette County Plateau Chamber of Commerce hosts Bridge Day to commemorate the October, 1977 completion of the New River Gorge Bridge. The first official Bridge Day was celebrated in 1980. October 20, 2018 will be the 39th annual Bridge Day. The New River Gorge Bridge is the world’s third longest steel arch bridge with a main span of 1,700 feet. At 876 feet above the New River, the New River Gorge Bridge is the third highest bridge in the United States and the thirteenth highest bridge in the world.

Bridge Day is unique in that it is the only day visitors may walk across the bridge. BASE jumpers are permitted to parachute off the bridge. Rappellers are allowed to descend and ascend fixed ropes. The Bridge Day High Line gives the general public the opportunity to be a Bridge Day participant. Both rappelling and BASE jumping require skill, experience, and equipment.

The first New River Gorge Bridge High Line was in 1994. In 2001, when Bridge Day was cancelled, there was a 2,200’ high line rigged near the New River Gorge Bridge that extended across the New River Gorge. This will be the 17th Bridge Day High Line with over 1,800 riders. The high line rider will glide from the New River Gorge Bridge’s catwalk to State Route 82. Your speed will be controlled by a belayer. You will drop 300 vertical feet while sliding 600-700’.

Click Here To Download 2018 Bridge Day High Line Guidelines!