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The 2018 Bridge Day Rappel ABC’s will be announced late August.

The following will outline our current preparations for the 2018 Bridge Day Rappel.

Late August Bridge Day Rappel ABC’s

September 1-16 Last minute online individual registration & bottom passes

Thursday, October 18

9 am – 5 pm rig High Line and have inspected

Bridge Walk special $40 per person

Friday, October 19

9 am – 5 pm High Line, rig rappel anchors, banners, photo ropes,

safety rappel/scenarios, media, High Line, VIP’s, Bridge Walks

noon – 6 pm Rappel Registration at Bridge Walk

(i.e., rappellers, bottom pass)

7:30 pm Safety Orientation at Memorial Building downtown Fayetteville

Saturday, October 20

6:15 am bottom teams’ shuttle from site to be announced

6:30 am – 5 pm US Route 19 parking

7 – 7:30 am law enforcement check

7:35 flag raising team moves on to catwalk

7:30/8 – 9 am rig rappel ropes

8:15 am flags raised

9 am – 3 pm 39th Bridge Day

3:05 pm flags lowered

5 pm everyone off catwalk

Sunday, October 21

9 am – 4 pm Bridge Walk special $40 per person

This will be the 39th Bridge Day™.

Over 270+ have signed up to rappel this 2018 Bridge Day; 12 have signed up for a bottom pass.

The deadline for registering online for rappelling or the bottom pass is September 1-16.

Please email us if you wish do a tandem rappel.

There are no forms to be returned.

There will be no personal photographs on the rappel badge this year; same as last year.  You will need to have on you at all times a photo ID.

Two additional ascending ropes have been added for the 2018 Bridge Day Rappel; total of four.  More people should be able to ascend.  Michael Phelps, Todd Handley, and Extreme Rappels are providing this additional ascending opportunity.  Think about starting your Bridge Day with an ascent.  This could be the best time management tip for the day. 

At Registration everyone will complete and sign a waiver and a document stating individual 2018 rappels and training. Everyone will receive a badge and t-shirt.

At Orientation the group leader will receive Route 19 parking passes.

ACE Whitewater has left the property on Fayette Station Road.  There will be no breakfast there, and no one is currently camping there.  We suggest that you consider camping at the Mountain State Campground with AOTG, Adventures On The Gorge.  Mountain State Campground is off the Ames Height Lansing Intersection off US Route 19.  It is on the Ames Height side of 19; west.  This campground is very near our US Route 19 parking that we have used on Bridge Day and will use this year; less than two miles from Bridge Walk.  Please make your reservation with AOTG, 855 379-8738,,

Glen Kuehner of Panama City Beach, Florida will return as our Safety Officer, his seventh year as the leader of the Safety Team.

Dr. Peter Hertl of Raleigh, North Carolina will continue to supervise the ascending ropes, his 14th year.

Larry Smith from Cutler, Ohio and his team will rig and manage the high line.

Debra Parker from Oak Hill, West Virginia will be capturing photographs from different vantage points throughout this year’s Bridge Day.  Please look at her photographs from other Bridge Days at Mamaw’s House.

Thank you for your participation!

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